Rats on Wanstead green are ‘scary’, say young sisters

Two sisters took time out from their holidays to tell of the problem of rats in Christchurch Green.

Maisie Folan, 13, and Rosie, 11, both from Wanstead, said rats were moving from the disused Evergreen Field in High Street into the Green.

Speaking at a meeting of area committee one, held on Monday in Wanstead Church School, Church Path, Rosie said: “It’s a health hazard. They constantly run across the bins on Christchurch Green. I’m scared of them.”

The girls said it could get worse during the Olympics when an increase in visitors could lead to more rubbish.

They said there are about 15 large holes in the field which the rats use.

Cllr Sue Nolan thanked them for raising the issue, but she said: “We [Redbridge Council] don’t own Evergreen Field. If we could mend it we would. It’s owned by another premises. We frequently try to get them to cut the grass. We will try and do something about it.”

Valerie Sayers, of The Wanstead Society, raised the issue at a meeting in May 2011 when she was told officers were trying to locate the owner of the field.

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