Prostitutes still a blight on Loxford Lane

Cllr Filly Maravala presented a 2,500 signature petition on behalf residents around Loxford Lane, Ilford, who say they are disturbed nightly by sex workers and kerb crawlers “queuing up” outside their homes.

It is the latest move in a long running campaign by people living in the area.

Resident Ann Pickering, of Madras Road, speaking at a meeting at Redbridge Town Hall, High Road, Ilford on Thursday, said: “We have prostitutes in Madras Road from 9pm until 9am every night, who tout for business under the nose of the police.

“Cars queue up and wait for the girls to return from previous clients.”

She added: “Mothers and daughters don’t venture out of their houses for fear of being propositioned. Two young ladies propositioned my 14-year-old grandson on a Sunday morning.”

Redbridge’s new Community Police Team, part-funded by the council, were recently given the task of helping with a crackdown on vice in the area.

As a result over the weekend of November 5 the team made three arrests for prostitution, issued two prostitute cautions and made 61 stop and searches.

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The London-wide territorial support group is also helping local officers deal with the problem.

Loxford Cllr Maravala said on Monday: “The Police and the council are now doing a lot. If they don’t eradicate it they will certainly make a big dent.

“I am more reassured than I ever was in the last three years.”