Plans revealed for Charlie Brown’s Roundabout improvements in South Woodford

Charlie Brown's roundabout from the Southend Road in South Woodford.

Charlie Brown's roundabout from the Southend Road in South Woodford. - Credit: Archant

Transport for London (TfL) unveiled proposals for Charlie Brown’s Roundabout to improve safety and address traffic flow.

At a External Scrutiny Panel held at Redbridge Town Hall, High Road, Ilford, participants heard that toucan crossings, new road signs and bus stop improvements were planned for the South Woodford cross over.

“There were two options, one do nothing which wasn’t an option for us or two look at signal controls,” said a TfL staff member who was working on the project.

“We did look into signals at every junction but it increased traffic time and toucan crossing hits the right balance.”

By using a toucan system, drivers will see an increase in their journey time by approximately 30 seconds but smart traffic lights would be installed to counter this.

With this technology buses and well used routes would be given priority.

A call cancelling feature would also be implemented meaning that if a pedestrian presses the traffic light button but later changes their mind or cross before the signals change, the request to cross would be ignored.

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Cllr Deakins spoke up to voice her concerns that priority was given to road users from the north and south, causing congestion for drivers on east and west route.

“In regard to Charlie Brown’s (improvements) we will all believe it when we see,” she said.

“Once we get the toucans in my next campaign will be complete signals”.

During the peak hours of 7am and 10am, 260 pedestrians cross at road level and 937 use the subway at the roundabout.

93 buses carrying a total of 2,250 people and 14,250 vehicles use the junction and TfL considered all users when they came up with the proposals.

“Pegasus crossing were also looked into to help horses cross the road and link up the riding paths,” said the TfL speaker.

“However the side by Tesco will be a staggered crossing and we don’t want horses waiting in the middle of the road, so are looking into other solutions for horses and their riders.”

In addition to pedestrians and vehicles, 89 cyclists cross over at Charlie Brown’s Roundabout and TfL said they would consider changes to the cycle lane which abruptly stops without merging cyclists into the flow of traffic.

TfL said they have the money for the project but priorities change.

To keep the measure on the to do list they are urging residents to take part in consultations.

The news measure are planned to be implemented in 2018.

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