Party house in Woodford Green ordered to keep it down

Revellers have been ordered to hold no more parties by the authorities after disrupting the peace for neighbours in a quiet road.

Redbridge Council and police officers paid a trip to a house in West View Drive, Woodford Green, where neighbours have been complaining of all-night parties leaving chaos the next morning.

Neighbour Lee Cramer, 46, said that parties starting on Saturday night often do not end until 11am the next morning.

He said: “A lot of people are really scared. It’s a five bedroom house in a quiet residential road, there must have been 100 kids in the detached house. It was madness.

“Sometimes they have been rolling out at 11 in the morning. This has been going on for two months.

“There have been cigarette packets all over my front drive and bottles.

“People have been peeing and pooing in people’s front yards. A neighbour had to install CCTV to keep people away.”

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Councillors were not aware of the parties until the Recorder informed them.

Cllr Ruth Clark, cabinet member for planning and public protection, expressed her concern and a team of council officers visited on February 15 to serve a noise notice.

There had also been allegations made that the tenants of the property had been squatting.

But a council spokesman said: “The police and the council have made enquiries as to whether or not the current occupants are squatting in the property. No evidence of an offence of squatting in a residential building has emerged. The council has informed the owner of the property so that he is able to take civil action if he believes the occupants are there unlawfully.

“The council has served a noise abatement notice on the occupiers, following complaints of excessive noise. If they do not comply with the notice, the council will consider what further action is appropriate.

“This could include prosecution or the council seeking a warrant to enter the premises and remove noise making equipment from the property.”

There were no further complaints of noise at the property last weekend.

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