New Mayor of Redbridge can’t wait to get started.

Councillor Debbie Kaur-Thiara is set to be appointed as the new Mayor of Redbridge. Photo: Debbie K

Councillor Debbie Kaur-Thiara is set to be appointed as the new Mayor of Redbridge. Photo: Debbie Kaur-Thiara. - Credit: Debbie Kaur-Thiara.

The soon to be new Mayor of Redbridge has said that she can’t wait to meet the unsung heroes of the borough and raise the profile of a “unique” and “magical” charity.

Councillor Debbie Kaur-Thiara, 59, was elected to Redbridge Council in Aldborough ward in a by-election in November 2011, and has enjoyed being part of a number of campaigns in her local area, but is excited and feels immensely proud to be able to put on the cloak and chain and represent the borough she grew up in.

The new mayor who will take over from Councillor Linda Huggett - who was the mayor from 2017-18 - has been part of a number of campaigns in her ward including ones to bring step free access to Newbury Park underground station, saving the A&E department at King George’s hospital and several environmental efforts to help maintain Redbridge’s green spaces.

She told the Recorder that she has a keen passion for history, and she is hoping to be able to highlight the heritage of the borough in her time as mayor.

She said: “I like walking around in oldy worldy places, some of my favourites places in Redbridge include Fairlop Waters and Valentines Mansion.

Labour member, Cllr Kaur-Thiara was a civil servant for 30 years before she opened her own childrens nursery.

She said: “My passion has always been about giving our children a great start in life and it is why I decided to set up my own nursery.”

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Supporting Cllr Kaur-Thiara will be Mayoress Sabrina Lakhan, and Deputy Mayor will be Councillor Taifur Rashid and her consort will be Harunur Rashid.

Both the Mayor and her deputy are due to be sworn in at the full council meeting tonight (Thursday, May 24).

Redbridge Council will replace its outgoing mayor Linda Huggett and deputy mayor Ashley Kissin at Ilford Town Hall from 7.15pm.

Cllr Huggett will be stepping down as mayor to become the first female leader of the Redbridge Conservative group, replacing Cllr Paul Canal who has led the group since 2014.

The former mayor retained her seat in Monkhams ward and has served as a councillor there since 1998.

Mr Kissin lost his seat in Barkingside ward at the local elections earlier this month as Labour claimed all three seats there for the first time.

Cllr Jas Athwal will also be sworn in officially as council leader for a further four years; leading the newly elected Labour-led council until 2022.

Other appointments for various committees will also be decided upon at the meeting tonight.

For the first time in several years Councillor Kaur-Thiara has decided to nominate just one charity and is hoping to raise the profile of ELHAP - an adventure playground in ilford specially built for children and young people with disabilities.

Speaking about the charity she said: “It is a wonderful charity and does some great work within the borough.”