Charge! New fleet of electric vehicles for Redbridge Council

Redbridge Council has purchased 12 new electric vehicles as part of Redbridge BLEN.

Redbridge Council has purchased 12 new electric vehicles as part of Redbridge BLEN. - Credit: Redbridge Council

Redbridge Council is starting the new year with a greener fleet thanks to the purchase of 12 new electric vehicles, charged by newly created rapid charging bays at the Ley Street Depot.

The council is encouraging more residents and businesses to make the switch to sustainable modes of transport as part of its commitment to tackle air pollution and reduce the borough's carbon footprint.

At the council's Ley Street Depot there are plans to create at least two ultra-fast charging points which will allow businesses to fully charge their electric vehicles in under an hour.

The hub is the result of a partnership with the Mayor of London and renewable energy supplier E.ON.

Both initiatives are part of a range of environmental and air quality improvement schemes resulting from the borough’s successful bid to form a Business Low Emission Neighbourhood (BLEN) in and around Ley Street in Ilford.

The Redbridge BLEN is supported with £250,000 from the Mayor of London and aims to encourage electrical vehicle uptake, improve local freight movements, and encourage more walking and cycling in the borough to cut air pollution, congestion and carbon emissions.

Additional plans approved under the Redbridge BLEN include more greenery and trees added around the Ley Street and Horns Road junction of the A12, to provide a natural barrier against vehicle emissions for pedestrians.

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There will also be a new central freight hub in Ley Street, which will channel and coordinate deliveries to help businesses avoid making multiple drops.

Cabinet member for environment and civic pride, Councillor Jo Blackman said the news was another great step forward in the council's commitment to improve air quality and tackle climate change.

London’s deputy mayor for environment and energy, Shirley Rodrigues, said: “Cutting toxic air pollution requires action at all levels of government, which is why the Mayor is supporting local initiatives such as the Redbridge BLEN, alongside London-wide measures like the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone."

The Redbridge BLEN initiatives will be delivered over a two-year period and have been funded by Redbridge Council, the Mayor of London's Air Quality Fund and E.ON.

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