Man in his 30s comes forward to tell police he was struck by a train at Goodmayes station last night

A man in his thirties from Ilford has come forward to police to say he was struck by a train at Goodmayes station last night.

Police conducted a search at the station in Goodmayes Road for two hours last night after a driver passing through the station reported striking a commuter who was leaning out on one of the platforms.

No person was found but the man voluntarily attended Goodmayes Hospital and is now understood to be in Queen’s Hospital, Rom Valley Way, Romford.

His current condition isn’t known but a British Transport Police spokesman said officers were speaking to the man.

The spokesman said a “thorough search” of the area had been conducted and police made checks with hospitals and mental health units today.

The Liverpool Street to Shenfield line was closed in both directions from around 7.15pm to 9.15pm last night with heavy disruption to services.

Train operator Greater Anglia reported this morning that the driver had been “convinced” he’d struck someone but that it was subsequently thought not to be the case.

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This afternoon a spokesman said: “At this stage, ourselves and Network Rail, as with any major incident, we will have our own investigation into the incident to see what further we can discover and to see what we can find out to the cause of the incident.

“We don’t know for certain why he was close that he got struck.

“That needs a proper review.

“Clearly the driver was very shocked because he thought the person had been killed.”

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