M11 drivers to face fines for ‘hogging the middle lane’ and other motorway mistakes

Drivers on the M11 will face new fines from today for misdemeanours including hogging the middle lane.

New fixed-penalty notices for careless driving can be handed out on the spot on the motorway, which starts in South Woodford, with hogging the middle lane punishable by a £100 fine.

Educational training will be available as an alternative to endorsement – points on a driving licence – and drivers can appeal any decision in court.

Research undertaken by the AA revealed that 29 per cent of drivers admit to being middle lane hogs.

Young drivers were the most likely to admit to this habit, with 41pc per cent saying they stick in lane two when in moderate, free-flowing traffic.

The least likely age group to say they stay in the middle lane were 45 to 54-year-olds – 26pc.

London drivers are most likely to say they are middle lane hogs – 38pc – and most likely to say they tend to stick in lane three .