London mayor Sadiq Khan pledges to respond to Redbridge Roundabout problems in 14 days

London mayor Sadiq Khan with Ilford South MP Mike Gapes and leader of the council Cllr Jas Athwal at

London mayor Sadiq Khan with Ilford South MP Mike Gapes and leader of the council Cllr Jas Athwal at Newbury Park station - Credit: Archant

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has pledged to respond to the issues of Redbridge Roundabout within 14 days during his first visit to the borough since his election.

London mayor Sadiq Khan arriving at Newbury Park station

London mayor Sadiq Khan arriving at Newbury Park station - Credit: Archant

On his visit to Redbridge Roundabout yesterday, Mr Khan said he would come up with a plan to improve congestion, air quality and road safety.

“I am committed to respond in 14 days, which is exceptional,” said Mr Khan.

He said it usually took months for Transport for London (TFL) to respond to such concerns but thanks to pressures from Ilford North and South MPs Wes Streeting and Mike Gapes and the leader of the council Jas Athwal, the process will be speeded up.

TFL’s managing director for surface transport Leon Daniels and deputy mayor of London for transport Val Shawcross CBE both accompanies the mayor on his visit.

“We don’t want to displace the problem somewhere else so we will be working with the MPs and the local authority,” he said.

Responding to concerns about air pollution, Mr Khan invited residents to take part in a consultation on how to best tackle the issue to help him build a plan of action across the whole of London.

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“The air in London is a killer, it makes us sick and it is illegal,” he added.

Alan Haymes, who has been campaigning with the Redbridge Roundabout Action Group (RedRag) for many years to improve the roundabout, welcomed the visit of the new mayor.

“Between everything else that is taking up his time, it is good that he came down and kept his word and that Redbridge Roundabout problems are still high on his priority list,” he said.

Before his election, Mr Khan came to see the roundabout and met with RedRag.

Mr Haymes was positive Redbridge mayor Cllr Gurdial Bhamra together with the MPs and Mr Khan would find a solution.

“There is quite a lot of energy and focus to do something about it,” he said.

Two years ago the group submitted a petition to Redbridge Council over the roundabout dubbed “suicide alley”, which had gathered more than 2,000 signatures.

During his visit to Redbridge, Mr Khan also went to Newbury Park station, where he said he would “imminently” consider funding to install a step free access.

He added: “I looked into this issue and in 2009 Boris Johnson cancelled plans for a lift here for no good reasons. Seven years on and in the meantime residents have lost out: disabled residents but also mums with buggies, people with health issues and residents carrying shopping.”

Commuter Jutta Teigeler, of Romford, who was walking into the station, told the mayor a lift would be more than welcome.

“I have had two knee replacements and the stairs are very difficult for me.

“A lift would help a great deal. People in wheelchairs or with pushchairs are having a terrible time getting around,” she said.

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