Leaders blast Brexit Party for calling Redbridge a ‘foreign country’

Leaders back the borough. Picture: Lizzie Dearden

Leaders back the borough. Picture: Lizzie Dearden - Credit: Archant

Political leaders acted swiftly to shut down comments made by the Brexit party which compared Redbridge to a foreign country.

Brexit Party founder, MP Catherine Blaiklock, who is strongly anti-mass immigration despite having "three races from three continents" in her own family compared different parts of London in a twitter rant. "

Leader of Redbridge Council, Jas Athwal was quick to respond to her message and said the diversity of the borough is "our greatest strength".

"I am proud to love and work her among so many wonderful communities," he said.

"I've fought racism like this my whole life and I won't tolerate it in my hometown.

"Sowing division and hatred in unforgivable #moreincommon."

Independent MP for Ilford South, Mike Gapes, was also quick to shut down the Brexit Party founder's tweet.

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Replying he said: "Well I'm sure our brilliant and fantastic diverse modern British community here in Redbridge would be delighted if you took your hateful divisive politics elsewhere.

"We are proud of our community.

"We don't want extremists of any kind coming here."

Deputy leader of Redbridge Council also threw in his two cents in support of the borough and asked Ms Blaiklock to check her grammar after she wrote "Carribean".

"It's Caribbean, learn to write in English," he tweeted.

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