Ilford South MP Mike Gapes won’t back Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit strategy

Mike Gapes, Ilford South MP

Mike Gapes, Ilford South MP - Credit: Archant

Veteran Ilford South MP Mike Gapes will not vote to trigger article 50 and commence Brexit negotiations, regardless of Jeremy Corbyn’s wishes.

Speaking on Sky News this morning, the Labour leader revealed that his party’s MPs will be asked to vote in favour of triggering article 50 and commencing Britain’s Brexit negotiations.

But the move has not gone down well with Redbridge’s long-serving Labour MP, who argued voting with Mr Corbyn would be against the wishes of his constituents after the borough voted by 54 per cent to remain in the EU in June.

Mr Gapes, who has been outspoken in his criticism of Mr Corbyn in the past, told the Recorder he would not be toeing the party line.

He said: “I am going to vote against triggering article 50 and let me be clear, I am going to be as loyal to Jeremy Corbyn as he was to previous Labour leaders.

“I will show the same loyalty he did when he voted, 500 times, against the Labour whip under successive party leaders.

“The people of Britain did not vote to become poorer and I will not vote in favour of any deal that would see us leave the single market.

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“I will be voting with Britain’s best economic interests at heart and in the best interest of my constituents, the majority of whom voted to remain in the European Union.”