Redbridge Council investigating Ilford outhouse for sale at £125k cash-only which has no planning permission

An Ilford converted outhouse is currently listed for sale on for £125k despite Redbridg

An Ilford converted outhouse is currently listed for sale on for £125k despite Redbridge Council have no record of planning permisison. Photo: Google - Credit: Archant

Redbridge Council is investigating after a converted outhouse that does not have planning permission was listed for sale as a home worth £125,000 – but only to cash buyers.

The property, in Connaught Gardens, is advertised on as being “ideal for disable (sic) people” and promises potential owners that “you will be your own boss!” as it is 100pc freehold.

It also boasts a rental yield of £9,000pa for those looking to let it out.

From the outside, the building looks almost identical to the garage which neighbours it to the right.

Dimly-lit photos of the interior show seemingly cramped and crowded conditions containing multiple suitcases, packed shelves and over-burdened coat hangers.

When the Recorder drew the online advert to Redbridge Council’s attention, a spokeswoman confirmed an investigation had been launched into the building as it did not have any planning permission whatsoever.

She added: “Once we have all the facts together we will be able to determine if the development is lawful or not and go through the standard procedure, including sending out a letter giving 28 days to correct any breaches of planning control.

“After that period, if any breaches remain we will consider taking formal enforcement action.”

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A planning application (0634/96) for the address submitted in April 1996, requesting to the change the use of the property to a one bedroom residential dwelling, was refused on the grounds that it would provide an “inadequate standard of accommodation”.

A similar application submitted two years later (0005/98) requesting to change the use to a residential single storey extension, was refused on the same grounds.

But a third application (2855/14) to change the use of the building from an “office” to a “dwelling” in 2014 appears to have been deemed not to require planning consent.

The property has been listed on Zoopla by - the company has been contacted for comment.

The council’s investigation comes after a rogue Ilford landlord was fined £6,000 for letting 10 people live in a similar brick outhouse in Hampton Road, Ilford, in April this year.