Ilford MP warns Budget will leave ‘funding gap’ in social care

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting - Credit: Archant

The £2billlion cash injection for social care announced in today’s Budget does not go far enough, claims the Ilford North MP.

This was the first spring budget given by Philip Hammond. Picture: PA Images.

This was the first spring budget given by Philip Hammond. Picture: PA Images. - Credit: AP/Press Association Images

Chancellor Philip Hammond revealed that more funding will be allocated to under-pressure social care services as part of his spring Budget.

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting said that while extra money is “sorely needed” it will not be enough to help Redbridge residents.

“The funding announced today by the chancellor will not cover the funding gap which the Local Government Association estimates will stand at £5.8b by 2019,” the Labour MP said.

“The reality is this mess was created when the Conservatives under David Cameron cut £4.6b from social care budgets.

“The Tory council tax hike for social care will leave ratepayers saddled with an extra burden without actually plugging the funding gap.

“The government must get its act together and come up with a proper, co-ordinated care strategy that works with the NHS and looks after our elderly with dignity.”

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The government has been under pressure to offer more resources for social care budgets, with council leaders warning the entire system stands on the brink of collapse without an immediate cash injection and a commitment to a long-term solution.

Cllr Mark Santos, adult social care and health cabinet member, said: “We welcome the fact that this Tory government has taken its head out the sand to make some further investment in social care.

“It is a shame that they have had to be embarrassed into caring about the needs of our most vulnerable residents. We will need to look at the detail and see whether Redbridge will benefit but we do know that the amount announced is not enough.”

Cllr Paul Canal, Redbridge Conservatives group leader, said that extra money allocated for social care services showed that “this was no sweetheart deal” and the government are listening to local authorities.

“I welcome this investment, and will continue to press for more as we recover from Labour’s bankrupt years,” he said.

“Labour left Britain with its worst cash deficit in history- they have neither the policies nor leadership, locally or nationally, to solve any of Britain’s challenges

“It was only by rebuilding a strong economy that are we able to deliver the needed £2 Billion cash injection into social care, and invest in other key areas such as the NHS and Education.”

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