Ilford Elizabeth line station delayed by about a year

An artist's impression of what the new Ilford station 'the glass box' will look like. Picture: Cross

An artist's impression of what the new Ilford station 'the glass box' will look like. Picture: Crossrail - Credit: Archant

Ilford’s new Elizabeth line station is behind schedule, with Network Rail saying that it will be “challenging” to have it ready for December 2019.

Ilford Station in its current format. Picture: Paul Bennett

Ilford Station in its current format. Picture: Paul Bennett - Credit: Archant

The Crossrail Anglia Programme is still at the design stage and no spades have even hit the ground in the town centre.

At an external scrutiny panel meeting on Thursday, July 12, Councillor John Howard said the situation was “slightly ridiculous” and he asked if Ilford was less of a priority than central London stations where work had already begun.

“I have been here two years and I have seen the same presentation (about what has been completed in Ilford),” he said

“I am less and less convinced this is going to happen.

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“You are still looking over designs.

“Ilford is further down the Crossrail priority list then we should be - we have even slipped back.”

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Colin Prime of Crossrail Anglia Programme said the multi-million-pound project is a huge investment in the town and although it is about a year later than originally planned, they are looking at into “limiting the impact and making up time”.

“It’s a challenging build and over the last few months we have been looking at it in a lot more detail,” he said.

“We are getting right in the nitty gritty - all the nuts and bolts.

“There have been a number of reasons why it has been delayed including going through the procurement process and the integration of other works.

“It is a huge development and we will be starting work in the next few months. Mr Prime said the bulk of the work will take place during Christmas and Easter holidays as there will be less passenger footfall. He said the current designs are significantly better than the first attempts, and the big glass box is an architectural challenge. Mr Howard expressed his surprise that a station of that size could be built in nine months. He also raised concerns that money given to Redbridge Council to beautify the outside of the station had a time limit. He hoped that if the works were delayed, which would impede on the local authority improving the adjacent streets, then an extension on the money would be granted by Crossrail.

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