Homeowners illegally renting their outbuildings an ‘increasing problem’ – Redbridge council leader

Homeowners constructing outbuildings in their back gardens – and on occasion illegally renting them out – has been described as an “increasing problem” by the borough’s council leader.

Redbridge Council has been given �160,000 by the government to help it carry out more inspections to clampdown on people who are breaking the law.

Council leader Cllr Keith Prince spoke about the problem at a meeting of area committee four on Thursday, held in William Torbitt Primary School, Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park.

He said: “It’s an increasing problem. Under current laws you can build an absolute monstrosity at the end of your garden as long as its deemed to be ancillary to the house.

“There are limits on size and we enforce that.

“If retrospective planning permission is not granted, we are able to request the dismantling of the building but that person will have the right to appeal.”

He added: “It’s a growing problem across the whole of London.”

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The committee heard from a resident who said a number of unsightly outbuildings have cropped up across area four.

And speaking after the meeting Jeff Godden, of Perrymans Farm Residents’ Association, agreed the issue was a “growing problem” which required strong enforcement.

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