Hermon Hill residents petition Redbridge Council for speed controls

Firefighters have been called to a flat fire in Hermon Hill. Photo: Google

Hermon Hill residents are concerned about the speed at which motorists drive in the residential street - Credit: Google

More than 100 people have signed a petition urging Redbridge Council to make a street in Wanstead safer for residents. 

The petition demands speed controls and reduced on-pavement parking in Hermon Hill and claims that the road acts as a magnet for speeding drivers. 

The road starts at the junction with Wanstead High Street and continues up towards South Woodford.

Lloyd Sampson, who started the petition, said: “So many of us have for years reached out to councillors and the council, each time we are met with excuses and inaction.

"In the meantime we live with the daily stress and anxiety of the current situation.

"We have cars constantly speeding in excess of 60mph down our residential street, a main street but one that is still our home - home to families, retirement homes and nurseries."

He cited recent accidents involving cars allegedly ploughing across pavements and into walls as evidence of the road's danger.

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"On pavement parking not only encourages this speeding by clearing the road but acts to makes us feel even more unsafe as cars accelerate onto the pavement at speed, and heavily restrict its safe use.

"For those that are not able-bodied, partially-sighted or with children they are nigh on impossible to navigate.

"It is only a matter of time before someone is killed.

"Their blood will be on the council's hands unless they act on our calls for immediate action."

Mr Sampson's petition demands that safer dedicated pathways and speed controls be implemented immediately.

A spokesperson from Redbridge Council said: “We understand and appreciate local people’s concerns about road safety along Hermon Hill.

“Council officers from our highways department have arranged to meet with the police road safety engineering officer to discuss pedestrian safety and speeding in the area.

“We will install speed monitors along the road to help us determine how to best reduce speeding and improve pedestrian safety.”