Hainault Business Park to get £71k worth of number plate security cameras

One hundred and twenty Hainault businesses are set to benefit from more than £71,000 worth of CCTV cameras aimed at improving security in the area.

The automatic number plate recognition cameras will be installed at four entrances and exits to the Hainault Business Park, in Forest Road.

Redbridge Council and the Hainault Business Improvement District (BID) hopes this added investment will attract more businesses, which in turn will create more jobs and private investment.

Cllr Thomas Chan said: “Since 2006, the group have worked tirelessly to improve safety for businesses there.

“I think a system like this will definitely deter potential burglars and prevent anti-social behaviour.”

At each of the entrances, drivers will have their number plates displayed on a screen welcoming them to the park and making them aware that their plates have been recorded.

The ongoing maintenance costs of the cameras will be met by the BID.