Good samaritan replaces Barkingside woman’s stolen pension money after reading Recorder article

A good samaritan has replaced a Barkingside woman’s pension money after it was cruelly stolen.

When Brenda Johnson, 46, read about Elizabeth Russo’s ordeal on the Recorder website, she knew she had to help.

She said: “I was disgusted to read about poor Mrs Russo being targeted by thieves.

“I’m really upset. I usually only donate to animal charities but the story affected me so deeply.

“I hope it will restore her faith in people.”

Mrs Russo had just withdrawn her £145 weekly pension from Barkingside post office, in High Street, when it disappeared from her handbag, earlier this month.

Staff told her thieves were targeting pensioners using the branch.

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The 82-year-old said she was “devastated” by the crime, which followed a burglary at her home last year and two more thefts.

She was flabbergasted by Mrs Johnson’s surprise offer.

Mrs Russo said: “It’s lovely but it’s such a shock, I don’t know what to say.”

Mrs Johnson, of Barkingside, met Mrs Russo last week.

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