Gants Hill Tube station reopens after power cut caused by flooding

Gants Hill, Central Line station

Gants Hill, Central Line station - Credit: Archant

Gants Hill Tube station has reopened after flooding caused a temporary power failure.

The Central Line station closed shortly before midday when the power cut out, leaving the station in darkness.

Transport for London (TfL) have not confirmed what caused the flood but rainwater running off roads surrounding the station into subways may have contributed.

Trains continued running through the closed station while it was shut as the tracks were not affected.

Peter McNaught, operations director for the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines, apologised for the disruption.

He added: “Our engineers worked hard to fix the fault as quickly as possible.”

Work is ongoing to deepen drainage gutters after complaints by councillors.

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Did you see the flood? Call 0208 477 3821 or email