Plans unearthed by Tory councillors to build 261 home on Gants Hill library have been called ‘utter nonsense’ by Redbridge Council

Slide which the Conservative say show that 261 homes are planned for Gants Hill Library. Redbrdge Co

Slide which the Conservative say show that 261 homes are planned for Gants Hill Library. Redbrdge Council said the figure is for the ward and not one site. Photo: Redbridge Council - Credit: Archant

Barkingside Conservatives claim they have discovered plans to build 261 homes on the Gants Hill library site, but Redbridge Council says the figure is “utter nonsense”.

The Tories claim the figure was announced at a Hainault Local Forum by officers, and that after receiving lots of calls from concerned residents they are holding a public meeting on Tuesday, March 5, about it at Gants Hill United Reformed Church, Woodford Avenue.

Leader of the council, Councillor Jas Athwal claimed “this misinformation is outrageous” and that the Conservatives are “selling their souls for votes”.

“They need to get a grip and realise they are spreading malicious lies for their own political gain,” he said.

“As plans for the hubs develop it will expose their lies - they are trying to spread fear.

“The 261 figure is the amount of homes for the whole ward of Barkingside and not for Gants Hill Library - at best it is wilful misrepresentation - I am fuming.”

The confusion stems from a slide shown at the Local Forum, which showed the ward level figure of 261 next to the planned Gants Hill library community hub.

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Conservative Councillor Paul Canal said he is “disappointed with the hysterical outburst from the leader of the council”.

“Whenever he loses the argument he makes it personal,” he said.

“It lessens hims and it lessens his role.

“He needs to stop shouting and listen to residents - he is there to serve them.

“I realise it is a pressurised job and it’s probably time for him to pass the reins on.”

Redbridge resident and tory activist Kartik Parekh will be chairing the March 5 public meeting on Gant Hill Library between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.

He said: “This is such an important local issue and residents are very confused with what is being planned for the Library and car park

“Redbridge Conservatives support the concept of a community hub as this can add community features such as a police hub or a doctor’s surgery but there is concern of overdevelopment on the site and the news of a possible 261 homes on this small site is a worry.”

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