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Young Cabinet at Redbridge Town Hall.

Young Cabinet at Redbridge Town Hall. - Credit: Archant

Members of the Redbridge young cabinet passed £100,000 worth of proposals to the council for youth projects including a mental health awareness drive and public safety workshops on Monday.

View a full gallery of pics from the night by clicking on the link to the right. And see some reaction from the youth and adult councillors below.

Beatrice Leong, 17, Woodford County High School - Young Cabinet leader

“There was a really successful turn out tonight and it was great to see young people getting involved in decision making. I think we have made a just decision on the allocation of funding and truly feel the decisions we made are the right ones. I am confident these measures will be approved by the council in April.”

David Lester, 17, Woodbridge High School - Young Cabinet deputy leader

“The meeting went really, young people are clearly engaged in what’s going on around them and I think we’re making a significant contribution. The web page for me is the most important because it will reach the largest number of young people and will provide a sustainable legacy from this young cabinet.”

David Saunders, 18, student at City of London school - Young Cabinet member for Planning and Public Protection

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“I think the meeting went phenomenally well. I’m hugely impressed by my colleagues’ awareness and how well we have coped with the responsibility, especially considering we only had about a week and a half to prepare properly. We are making proposals based on what young people want, not on what we think is needed and I have high hopes that the council will approve the measures.”

Cllr Keith Prince, leader of Redbridge Council

“They answered some tough questions from councillors with confidence and put forward some well thought out proposals. I’m sure the proposals will sail through the cabinet in April and I am looking forward to seeing them implemented.”

Cllr Ian Bond, deputy leader of Redbridge Council

“They handled it very professionally. The work they did to identify issues that are relevant to young people was particularly interesting and I am very much looking forward to seeing their proposals in action provided they’re approved, although I am confident they will be passed by the council. I started off on my school council as a youngster and I can definitely see a few future councillors or politicians among them!”

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