Further roads added to Wanstead experimental parking zone following consultations

More roads have been added to an experimental parking zone in Wanstead after councillors agreed to introduce permit parking controls.

The zone, which has been frequently debated at area one committee meetings since its introduction in April, originally included Chaucer, Dangan and Spratt Hall Roads where residents were battling with commuters for parking spaces.

In October, members agreed to extend permit parking to Wanstead Place and Voluntary Place and at Monday’s meeting, following consultations with residents, they agreed to introduce the controls in Church Path, Fitzgerald Road and Greenstone Mews.

Michel Glendenning, of Wanstead High Street, who was joined by two neighbours, Con Murphy and Laura Auchterlonie, said the scheme was having a “big negative effect on our livelihood.”

All three are self-employed using their cars to travel for work and previously parked in Spratt Hall Road as they can’t park outside their homes.

Councillors said they would look into options to help the three residents.

Speaking after the meeting, Ms Glendinning said: “It was very positive, we’re waiting to hear what could be done.”

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