Fellow passenger ‘relieved’ to hear that hitchhiker is recovering after heart attack

Catherine Forman, 57 is recovering from a recent heart attack

Catherine Forman, 57 is recovering from a recent heart attack - Credit: Archant

A fellow hitchhiker has spoken of her relief after hearing that Catherine Forman, who suffered a heart attack during the tube strikes, is safe and well.

Sally Russell was in the olive green Nissan Micra too after deciding to thumb a lift with Catherine.

Speaking about the kindness of the mystery driver, she said: “All the other cars were going past, they wouldn’t even look at us, but he stopped.”

Sally sat in the back of the car with the young child called Harry, leading to a joke about “When Harry met Sally”.

She tried to keep Catherine calm when she began feeling unwell.

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Sally said she had wanted to find out what happened to Catherine and was relieved to discover she was okay.

In the heat of the moment Sally did not get the name of the driver and his identity remains a mystery.

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“He was brilliant. He was so calm the whole time. He kept checking on her and checking on the boy,” she recalled.

“He drove me right to the station but I never got his name.”

Are you the mystery driver or do you know him? Call 02084773858 or email molly.kersey@archant.co.uk

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