Extend conservation area to include Monkhams estate, councillors told

The Monkhams estate should be given conservation area status which could limit home improvements and the paving over of front gardens, councillors heard on Tuesday.

The area two committee meeting in Broadmead Baptist Church, Chigwell Road, Woodford Green, was presented with the findings of an appraisal of the historical and architectural merits of the area.

Consultants Beacon Planning recommended the residential area of Monkhams Avenue, Monkhams Drive and parts of King and Queen’s Avenues be included in the Woodford Broadway conservation area which covers the commercial area around Woodford station.

Cllr Michael Stark, of Monkhams ward, welcomed the report which is out for consultation until August 6.

He said: “I know English Heritage told me that the view up Monkhams Drive is one of the most unadulterated they’ve seen.”

Joanna Burton, a senior consultant with Beacon, said the approach had been to draw the boundaries of the area “as tight as possible”.

She said: “It has to demonstrate historic and architectural significance and in this area it’s very much about the Edwardian buildings.”

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The extension would incorporate the first houses to be built in the Monkhams estate, many of which have been “individually detailed or form small clusters with rich Edwardian decorative features”, according to Redbridge Council’s summary.

The recommendations included retaining original doors, windows and brickwork in residential properties, supporting shopowners in the existing conservation area to repair traditional signage and prioritising the upkeep and replacement of street trees.

The council should also enforce planning controls relating to the paving over of front gardens and assess trees in private ownership with the view to serving tree preservation orders, the report said.

Regarding the paving over of gardens, Ms Burton said: “I understand and sympathise if you can’t park outside your house. But some people pay a premium to own a property in what we’ve heard has an unadulterated view. The economics of it are difficult.”

Simon Algar, a borough conservation officer said: “The problem is where entire gardens are paved over. It does have a detrimental effect.”

The appraisal can be viewed at www.redbridge.gov.uk.