EU referendum: Live from the count at Redbridge Town Hall

Ballot box

Ballot box - Credit: Getty Images

With polls now closed, counting of the votes has begun across the country.

News editor Laura Burnip will be reporting live from the referendum count at Redbridge Town Hall, Ilford, where the borough’s votes will be counted.

Turnout is expected to be announced around midnight, with the borough’s result expected some time after 2.30am.

You can follow @lauraburnip on Twitter for live tweets, or check the highlights here.

10pm - polls close. With no exit polls, the long wait for the result is under way.

10.31pm - ballot boxes arrive at Redbridge Town Hall, just as I arrived.

11.04pm -

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MPs Wes Streeting and Mike Gapes have tweeted after today’s vote, with Mike saying what we all expected, that Ilford South appears to have a big turnout.

Wes says he “felt it edging towards Remain this week but I can only speak for my own area”.

11.08pm -

A new poll by Ipsos MORI completed today has put Remain with an eight-point lead. This is probably the closest thing we have to an exit poll, but with the terrible weather - especially in the south-east and London - the picture is still unclear.

11.16pm -

No firm estimates on turnout in the referendum in Redbridge yet, but it’s believed to be higher than last year’s general election. Same picture across the country.

11.29pm -

Reports that sampling in Sunderland puts remain in the lead. Sunderland is believed to be a more pro-Brexit area, so if correct this could be indicative of the final result.


Not a big surprise here at all but Gibraltar, the first result in, has voted overwhelmingly in favour if remain. 19,322 votes to stay in, just 823 to leave.


A few words from council leader Jas Athwal, who says Redbridge is too close to call but thinks Remain will win overall by two to three per cent.

“If it has stirred up tensions, it’s the job of politicians to come to the fore and listen to the people.”

“I think that’s a good thing that differences have been identified. It’s like being a doctor, you’ve got to diagnose the problem.

“The big issue is immigration, politicians now need to look at that.”


I’ve been told turnout is not expected for quite a while, and the borough’s result is expected to be more like 4.30am. Also if the votes don’t add up exactly, there will be three recounts. Stay tuned though.


Redbridge Conservative leader Paul Canal would not reveal which way he had voted, but said this:

“The result is an opportunity to put the decision behind us and to go on to work towards building a more unified and prosperous Redbridge.

“The question had to be asked and it’s absolutely right that the British people get that decision.”

“Whatever the result’s going to be, once it’s decided we have to accept it and we in the Conservative party have to focus on the real threat to Britain, which is Jeremy Corbyn and old Labour.”


Ilford North MP Wes Streeting tells me he has been out and about all day campaigning and will be up until at least 9am today.

He also says he is concerned about the drop in the pound following results in the north east and Scotland.

“If it is Brexit, it wasn’t scaremongering, there are genuine concerns about the effect on the economy.

One of the striking things about the campaign is people have been raising issues such as not being able to get a doctors’ appointment, school places, housing, public service provision, these are things that are the responsibility of the government.”


Finally something to report. The Redbridge voter turnout has been announced, it’s 69.9 per cent.

That’s 132,677 voters out of 189,843 eligible.

Should get a result within the hour.


Redbridge has revised its turnout to 67.6%. The Recorder understands there has been an issue where one box was counted twice and is now being recounted.


BBC, ITV and Sky have called it for the Leave campaign, with 52 per cent against 48pc remain. The decision came after Birmingham voted 50.4pc in favour of leaving.

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