Elderly woman’s bank card stolen by man who distracted her with leaflets in Chadwell Heath

An elderly woman had her bank card stolen at a cash point by a man who distracted her with leaflets.

The victim, who was in Chadwell Heath, was reaching to retrieve her card when a man placed the items over her hand and began talking to her.

Unable to understand, she tried to brush him away before taking her money and receipt, which is when she realised her card was missing.

The incident came to light after police were called to High Road at 11.05am on March 4, to reports of someone targeting people at cash machines.

Plain clothes officers attended the scene and found a man who matched the description they had been given.

After they identified themselves, he ran off into Costcutters and was detained.

Upon following the route the suspect had taken into the store, officers found a Natwest debit card belonging to a woman.

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Staff from the bank then turned up to report the incident with the elderly lady, whose card they had cancelled after she contacted them.

A 34-year-old man from Ilford has been bailed pending further enquiries and is due to report back to the police on March 26.

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