Barking and Dagenham creating parking problem in Ilford, Redbridge Council says

Residents of Mortlake Road who are angered by the council plans to implement permit parking in 90 ro

Residents of Mortlake Road who are angered by the council plans to implement permit parking in 90 roads. - Credit: Archant

Tighter parking controls in Barking and Dagenham are creating problems in Ilford, Redbridge Council claims.

To remedy this, the local authority has launched a consultation asking residents if they would like parking permits. More than 70 houses may have to pay £20 per year to park on the road, with an additional £100 per second car and £180 for every other vehicle.

A council spokesman said: “Parking is becoming increasingly difficult in many roads as a result of population growth and increasing levels of car ownership.

“We are also seeing more parked vehicles being displaced into our borough due to controls being introduced in the neighbouring borough of Barking and Dagenham.

“The council is, therefore, consulting local residents and businesses in the south Ilford area to obtain their views towards parking.

“Before answering the questionnaire, please carefully read the available information document and look at the plan of the possible parking controls for your area.”

Lots of residents are against the scheme and pooled their money to print 5,000 leaflets urging the community not to support the initiative.

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Speaking to the Recorder previously, former councillor Filly Maravala, 72, said: “There is not a problem with parking, why are they targeting Loxford and Clementwood - two of the poorest areas in the borough?

“This is a half-baked idea - it is simply not needed, residents are not asking for this.

“The price of petrol has gone up, council tax has gone up and there is an added charge for social care - we don’t need to pay to park on top of this.

“I understand the council are under pressure from central government and the Conservatives have decimated local council budgets but this is not the way to do it - is it a money making scheme?.”

Mr Maravala, who stopped being a councillor in 2014, said in the past when residents have wanted permit schemes he has represented their petitions, but in this instance, no one is asking for it, “quite the opposite”.

“I was a councillor for Loxford for 20 years,” he added.

“If residents want it and ask for it that is one thing but the council are taking it up upon themselves.

“Don’t extend it willy-nilly to 90 roads.”

Council leader Jas Athwal said a consultation is to get feedback and, like the Wanstead permit parking consultation, the council will see what residents want.

“We committed to a full consultation and listened in Wanstead and delivered it and will listen to the residents of Ilford too,” he said.

Visit , consultation ends on February 22.