Disabled resident who lives with 99-year-old mum has safety concerns after Redbridge Council cut his care package by 12 hours

Roy Clancy is concerned that his care package has been reduced. Pictured with his 99 year old mother

Roy Clancy is concerned that his care package has been reduced. Pictured with his 99 year old mother Rose. Picture: Ken Mears - Credit: Archant

A disabled resident, who has limited use of his arms, is worried about his future after the number of care hours he receives had been reduced.

Roy Clancy, 76, of Kingsley Road, was looked after by his 99-year old mother for 68 years until she got dementia.

The cerebral palsy sufferer, who uses a wheelchair, then relied on carers to wash him and microwave a dinner for him and his mum.

Redbridge Council has told Mr Clancy that his hours will be reduced from 29 to 17 a week and he will have to pay an extra £20 for the service.

On top of this, he will also lose one of the two carers that attend to him.

The news came out of the blues and he said he has not been given a reason as to why his care has changed when his lifelong condition hasn’t.

“It really will affect my day to day life,” he told the Recorder.

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“I have to be put in a hoist to be washed - it really is a two person job- and it isn’t safe for one carer to do it alone.

“It will be dangerous for both of us.”

Mr Clancy previously had four visits a day, two to get him out of bed and put him to bed and another two to dress and wash him and cook for him.

He said on top of the reduced service the length of time his carer will stay with him will also be cut down,

“They used to come for 45 minutes a time but now they stay for 30minutes which isn’t a lot of time at all,” he added.

“The whole situation is worrying me, but my mum is ok as with as she has a bit of dementia and doesn’t always know what is going on.”

“We do everything together, she is a lovely lady and it has just been us since she was widowed at 58.”

A Redbridge Council spokesman said: “In an on-going situation we continue to work with the resident to identify the best way for them to receive the support that they need.

“Any proposed changes to care packages are discussed with the service user and we review the support that we provide to ensure that care packages reflect current needs.”