Why does Redbridge Council need a Chocolate Monitoring Committee?

Could this be the chairman of the new Chocolate Monitoring Committee at Redbridge Council? 

Could this be the chairman of the new Chocolate Monitoring Committee at Redbridge Council? - Credit: PA

Does Redbridge Council represent the lollipop guild? 

That is the question on everybody's lips following the mysterious appearance of a new Chocolate Monitoring Committee on the council's website, which has sent Ripples around the borough.

A spokesperson for Redbridge Council confirmed Wispas that it is not a real committee but was created as part of test work on its website. 

But that hasn't stopped Redbridge Conservatives jumping on this hot Topic, hoping it will give them a Boost in the polls.

Councillor Paul Canal reckons this latest Fudge could be just the Golden Ticket for his party.

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He said: "I have always suspected this administration was as useful as a chocolate teapot but I didn't expect they would agree so publicly."

Meanwhile, Councillor Ruth Clark said she is intrigued what this new committee will be doing and added the Crunch question is how much it will cost taxpayers.

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It is not yet known who will be on the Chocolate Monitoring Committee but there is at least one reporter at the Ilford Recorder who will be taking Time Out to attend its next meeting.

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