Proposed new parking system in Woodford Green causes controversy

Monkhams residents are angry over a proposed new parking system. Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA

Monkhams residents are angry over a proposed new parking system. Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

A new pay-as-you-go parking scheme is being “imposed” on residents and visitors, objectors said.

A resident believes the consultation process for the parking scheme in Monkhams ward in Woodford Green was flawed.

The pay as you go system would be provided by RingGo, a company that requires drivers to telephone a central number and set up an account linked to their bank card.

The scheme has been rolled out elsewhere in the borough and has been criticised for causing confusion and for being difficult to use, particularly for elderly people.

Resident Klayton Palmer is unhappy about the proposals and the way in which the Redbridge Council asked the public for their views on the matter.

Mr Palmer said: "The way the consultation was held only paid lip service to the council's own guidelines.

"Most of the local businesses and schools were not included in the consultation and no consideration for the staff of these businesses has been made.

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"Congestion and hence air quality and car accidents threat to life will increase undermining the health and safety of pupils, staff and residents.

"I could go on but [we want to] overturn this awful proposal and expose this for what it is."

In a letter to council officers, ward councillor Linda Huggett - who is also leader of the Conservative opposition - demanded the plans be scrapped entirely.

She said: "The whole purpose of any consultation relating to any parking scheme is that all the residents get a scheme that works for all of them - not one that is imposed on them."

The councillor explained that a pay and display option was not listed as an option for the public to consider during the consultation. She said this "seems grossly unfair and not open and transparent".

Cllr Huggett said both she and Chingford and Woodford Green MP Iain Duncan Smith are objecting to the plans.

A Redbridge Council spokesman said: "We launched consultation on this scheme in December 2018 as residents petitioned us about the parking problems they were experiencing in the area.

"It was important we looked at all the options for freeing up parking provision for local people, and this scheme can help do just that.

"Overall residents were in favour of introducing parking controls and permits however all feedback will now be considered before we finalise the design."