Committee suggest �50,000 Hainault footpath should be funded elsewhere

A proposed footpath with a �50,000 price-tag split the area committee three last night with some members suggesting the project should be paid for through other funds.

The proposed path in Tomswood Hill, opposite the Claybury Park estate, would link Amber Lane to the bus stop further along the road.

Cllr Joyce Ryan said: “I am absolutely horrified about the situation. I cannot believe that when the two estates were built this problem wasn’t fixed. It is an incredibly fast road and most people have to walk on the muddy grass.

“I am just so shocked about the situation. I think it is a disgrace that it has not be fully funded by Claybury 106 money.”

The committee were asked to allocate �27,111, while Transport for London would fund �12,500 and �10,389 would come from Section 106 (funds set aside for projects in the surrounding area when the Claybury estate was built).

Cllr Nick Hayes added: “I am very concerned about the amount needed. Does the pavement really have to be two metres wide because we could try and reduce the cost.”

Cllr Alex Phillips said: “�10,389 really does seem like a measly amount from the Claybury development.”

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The committee have asked for a report to be drawn up on whether or not the funds should come from Claybury 106 money, can the path be reduced in size and could the project be funded by the capital programme.

Cllr Ryan added: “It is a lot of money, but even if we put stepping stones down as a temporary measure that would help the problem.”

However Cllr Ann Candy said: “I haven’t noticed people walking on the grass verge and I drive past their several times a week. I suggest we have a site visit because I don’t want to vote blind for something so costly.”