Cigarette may have started shed fire in South Woodford

A fire in South Woodford that ripped through outbuildings in the early hours of this morning may have been caused by a dropped cigarette.

The blaze in Woodville Road destroyed four sheds around 3.15am.

Flames were visible above nearby houses as pops and bangs were heard from exploding aerosols.

Nearby resident Catlin Jones, 39, called the fire brigade when she was woken by the noise.

She said: “I thought it was raining because it sounded like crackling and dripping.

“But when I got up and opened my curtain I saw the flames out my back window.

“I thought I might have to be evacuated it was so near. The flames were higher than houses, almost up to the top of the trees.”

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She added: “It was quite scary and there was no shouting or anything. It was eerie really.”

Crews from Ilford, Woodford and Leytonstone took over an hour to bring the fire under control by 4.30am.

The incident is being investigated by the London Fire Brigade.

A spokesman said: “The fire is thought to have been caused by the careless disposal of a cigarette.”

No one was injured.

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