Cabinet: New bungalows to free up big family homes in Redbridge proposed

The first phase of a housing project to help elderly people free up larger homes by moving into new bungalows has been given the go ahead.

The plans are in response to a severe housing shortage in the borough with the cabinet member for housing saying it was years since the council had built new houses.

Three sites have been identified with two in Hainault and one in bridge ward with all three phases creating a total of 40 new properties.

The proposals were agreed on Thursday at the cabinet meeting held at Redbridge Town Hall, High Road, Ilford.

Cllr Michelle Dunn said she was excited about the plans and hoped building could get underway as soon as September 2014.

“We are not forcing or pressuring anyone to give up their homes,” Cllr Dunn said. “It’s an opportunity to free up family sized homes but also to look after the elderly residents by offering them a nice bungalow. It’s a win for everyone.”

The first phase of the plans includes knocking down the garages in Purleigh Avenue, Woodford Bridge to make way for four new bungalows.

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Cllr Dunn said: “A couple of the garages are being used and they will be given alternative sites. We have done a piece of work and found that a lot of elderly couples live in Hainault and other areas in family homes which we have a desperate need of.”

The second phase includes flats in Bramshill Close, Hainault but this could change to houses after councillors said they were more needed.

The third phase would involve knocking down the Manford Way Housing Office, in Manford Way, Hainault with services being moved elsewhere.

“We have not done building homes in Redbridge in years and doing something on these sites that have not been well used is exciting.”

The project will cost £1.8 million of council money together with an addition £500,000 of funds from the Greater London Authority.

Cabinet agreed to start procuring the sites and getting a project manager on board to start the process.

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