Bollards to be reinstated at Hainault junction after man’s fence ‘destroyed’ by drivers

A Hainault resident who has had his fence “destroyed” several times by drivers, after bollards were removed from the corner of his road, will see them reinstated.

Six bollards will be reintroduced in Hart Crescent alongside a traffic island in nearby Manford Way, west of The Lowe, in order to reduce traffic speeds and provide refuge for pedestrians.

Speaking at a meeting of area committee three last week in Fullwell Cross Library, High Street, Barkingisde, Cllr Edward Griffin said: “I watched people struggling to cross Manford Way. Cars are coming from four different directions, there will be an accident there if nothing is done.”

Members also voted against the removal of the guard rail in Manford Way.

Cllr David Poole, who voted against the reinstatement of the island, added: “I welcome the removal of street clutter as they do nothing for the street scene.”

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