Area six: ‘Where is the democracy?’ asked one Ilford resident on double yellow line decision

Heated debate broke out with residents asking “where is the democracy?” when the area committee six voted against the verdict of a public consultation on January 22.

At the previous meeting it was decided that the public opinion should be sought out regarding the painting of double yellow lines in the area surrounding the Ilford Community Centre, Oxford Road.

The results came back with a majority against the addition of 10 metre long lines to the junctions of four roads.

Some councillors suggested they consider other factors. Cllr Helen Coomb (Labour, Clementswood) said: “There’s a greater health and safety issue here.”

In response, an angry resident said: “Where is the democracy? Where is the residents voice?”

Cllr Filly Maravala (Independent, Loxford) said: “If you have a consultation, then listen to what the public have to say.”

Initial plans saw lines being added to junctions where Harrow Road meets Eton and Staines Roads. Two children had been struck by vehicles at these points after they ran from behind parked cars.

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The plans were later extended to where Oxford Road meets the latter two.

Cllr Maravala said: “In the council officers infinite silly wisdom they extended it to the other roads.

“It is rubbish to put in Harrow Road as some people have come and said there’s never been an accident there.”

Cllr Zulfi Hussain (Labour, Clementswood) suggested a compromise by shortening the lines to five metres.

A debate broke out between a resident and the councillors on what the Highway Code stipulates the length of the lines should be on corners. Council officers said they would need to check this.

Cllr Muhammed Javed (Clementswood, Labour) proposed a five metre compromise be voted upon.

Cllr Jas Athwal (Labour, Mayfield) and Cllr Coomb both abstained but the rest of the Labour group voted in favour of the lines. The Independent Group members voted against it.

The five metre yellow lines got the go ahead with a vote of four in favour to three against.

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