Area seven: Redbridge Council warns parking fines still apply on public holidays

Drivers who started the New Year with an unwelcome parking ticket are being warned that not even the festive season can stop traffic wardens.

Redbridge Council’s miserly parking rules mean that restrictions and permits apply on all public holidays, even Christmas Day, if they fall on a weekday.

Area committee seven, which covers parts of Ilford, Seven Kings and Newbury Park, last night faced complaints from residents saying the regulation was unclear.

Resident Audrey Shorer said her neighbour was shocked to be fined in a zone with commuter parking restrictions on New Year’s Day.

Some members of the public assumed public holidays were exempt from rules but councillors said they were treated as a “normal working day”.

Although, parking wardens generally do not work on Christmas Day, there is no formal exemption.

The committee said it would look into using leaflets and signs on parking metres to make rules clearer.

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