Area Committee Four: Councillors to consider regeneration of Redbridge Recreation Ground

Councillors last night agreed to consider plans to regenerate Redbridge Recreation Ground despite simmering cross-party tensions and cost concerns ahead of the upcoming local elections.

The plans to revive the area with up to £250,000 of improvements were put forward by several residents in conjunction with Cllr Gurdial Bhamra (Labour, Clayhall), at the Area Committee Four meeting.

Cllrs Robert Cole and Alan Weinberg (both Con, Clayhall) agreed that the green space needed overhaul but expressed concerns that the issue had become politicised and that the costing needs to be severely revised.

The plans involve a new perimeter design to the area and a theme to be introduced that will run through the space, spearheaded by local residents, to promote greater community use of the green space.

Cllr Cole said: “This is a great idea, we’ll put together but it’s a shame that I and Cllr Weinberg weren’t involved in the process. If we are going to get anywhere we all need to be working together.”

Cllr Bhamra, who denied that he’d excluded fellow councillors, said: “I have acted on the concerns of the community in order to bring about change in this important community area. “

All councillors agreed that the original costing of £250,000 for the plans would need to be heavily reduced and revised plans will be considered in more detail at the next committee meeting on June 30.

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