Resident gets the hump after speed bumps ‘breed overnight’ in Barkingside

John Sharrock of Barkingside21 previously spoke out about the speed humps on Forest Road. Picture: S

John Sharrock of Barkingside21 previously spoke out about the speed humps on Forest Road. Picture: Steve Poston - Credit: Archant

A resident has got the hump after more speed bumps have “popped up like molehills” in Forest Road, Barkingside.

Former Redbridge councillor David Poole previously complained about the traffic calming measures in December but was astonished to discover that even more were installed over the Christmas period.

The road, which links Barkingside to Hainault has a “higher than normal accident rate” and Mr Poole claims the measures are “endangering people’s lives”.

“Since the Recorder wrote its last article, six more humps have been put on Forest Road taking the total in excess of 30,” he said.

“It is like the council saw the article and some pencil pusher decided to add more.

“They have bred overnight, popped up like molehills.

“We are in an age of austerity and have no money to fix potholes yet the council has the cash for speed humps - they have got their priorities crossed up.”

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Mr Poole is not alone with his concerns and resident Frederick Hurrell previously wrote in to say he had “vehement objections” to safety measures installed on the road.

“Within just a couple of weeks of the completion of the kerb outs, one directly opposite my house caused a motorist to plough into an empty parked car, throwing the parked vehicle across the pavement and itself at right angles to the road,” he said.

“Only good fortune prevented pedestrians, oncoming traffic and others becoming part of what could have been a fatal incident.”

He added that speed cushions make the situation more dangerous because cars often swerve to avoid slowing down and the humps have “zero effect” on reducing speed.

Redbridge Council leader, Councillor Jas Athwal, said the local authority does not want to spend money for the sake of it and is trying to raise awareness that speed kills.

“The council will have gone through a consultation process and I refuse to believe they appeared overnight - we have to go through a statutory process.

“The bumps have cropped up for a safety reason and if people drove at the speed limit we wouldn’t have to drive money intothe road.

“We will always find the money to do something if it saves people.”

Cllr Athwal added that the council is only allowed to install the small bumps on the road as emergency vehicles need to manoeuvre over them at speed.

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