Letter on angry social media posts

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Social media has become a platform for people to take out their anger and frustration - Credit: PA Images

Angry brigade out on social media

Paul Donovan, Dangan Road, Wanstead, writes:

Where did people take out all their anger and frustration before social media?

The thought recently occurred on a bright sunny Saturday, when you would have thought there were better things to do than bang out negativity from the keyboard.

The council and councillors, often, seem to be the target for the angry brigade. Whatever the council or councillors do is wrong with this group.

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One subject on that bright sunny day was the newly installed mobility hub (or parklet) on Wanstead High Street.

A pleasant new green space in the high street, where people can sit down for free to enjoy the sun and ambiance.

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The facility has been well used, so far, by people of all ages. School kids having a chat, elderly folk wanting to sit down for a moment on their way home, cyclists wanting somewhere to lock up the bike or electric car users wanting to charge their vehicle.

Redbridge Town Hall

Redbridge Council are at the receiving end of a lot of negative social media - Credit: Ken Mears

So, what’s not to like? The facility is part of an effort to make Wanstead a cleaner, greener place to live. People will have also noticed the flower displays, new trees and developing grow zones.
The angry brigade though are not happy. Waste of money, typical council, who wants to sit in the road - were the typical comments.
Thankfully, many on the same thread were supportive and enthusiastic about the new green development.

A major gripe of the angry brigade was the loss of a couple of parking spaces.

Again the argument, what is more important - the right to drive or breathe clean air? That said, the loss of the spaces hardly warrants a mention given there are plenty of spaces for people to park.

No, the issue seems to be the need of some people just to have a go at something or someone.

It is a problem of modern society, that finds its outlet via social media.

Maybe, it is a good thing. How in past times did all this angst come out?

But it would be good for people to remember they are attacking other fellow human beings, who, for the most part, are trying to do their best for the community.

Everyone has feelings, that should be respected.

My own rule on social media is not to say anything that you would not be prepared to say in person to the individual concerned.

Sadly, there are all too many people around who seem to need to direct their own fury out into the ether via the keyboard - maybe it is an affirming process?

Next time, though, maybe think about it, put the phone or laptop away and just enjoy the sun.

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