Letter: Protect the Chalet Wood's bluebells

Bluebell woods in Wanstead Park

Bluebell woods in Wanstead Park - Credit: Ken Mears

Don't imperil spectacular display

Ray Robinson, Aldersbrook, Wanstead, writes:

The Chalet Wood bluebell spectacular you will no doubt be aware occurs in spring and is truly spectacular.

However, articles publicise and encourages many people to visit. In these days of lockdown that’s a good thing, but it does actually imperil the continuation of this yearly display.

Bluebell woods in Wanstead Park

Picking or trampling on bluebells can stop them blooming next year - Credit: Ken Mears

Many people simply do not realise the damage done to the bluebells by people and animals walking and trampling on them rather than allowing them to die back naturally .

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It is absolutely imperative that the bluebells be allowed to die back naturally to harness the effects of the light in nourishing the bulbs. Trampling will either destroy the bluebells or inhibit their growth for many years .

This year has seen large areas of bells being trampled.

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Within a few years, there will be no bluebells to view.

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