Kittens thrown out of car and left to die in Goodmayes - can you help find them?

Three kittens were thrown out of a car and left to die in the cold by a cowardly driver who sped off into the night in Goodmayes.

Workers closing a nearby shop in Goodmayes Lane saw the shocking act of cruelty shortly after 10pm last month.

A witness, who did not want to be identified, said: “All I saw was a car pull up and throw a box out, then there were kittens running everywhere.

“They just chucked them out the car and drove off.”

They tried to catch the abandoned kittens before they were hurt on the busy road but they ran away frightened.

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Volunteers from the PussyCat Lodge Trust in Brentwood were called to try and find them but so far, only one of the three has been bought to safety.

Sue Lowlor took in the starving ginger kitten after luring it in with food.

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She said: “It had a runny eye, sore nose and was skinny and malnourished.

“Because they are kittens, they haven’t got a clue how to fend for themselves.

“There are cats dumped all the time, we find them all over the place, but this was too cruel.

“At the beginning of that road there’s a vet, why not leave them there? There was no need for it.”

Sue said kittens are often found dumped in the area, including a litter found in Goodmayes Park in August.

Rescuer Barbara Edwards said: “We only found out they were there when one of them was run over in the road.

“It had to be put to sleep because it was so badly injured.

“There are so many stray cats, it’s just a nightmare.”

Barbara and Sue were called to Seven Kings last week to neuter a group of eight stray cats who had 22 kittens between them.

They are encouraging all cat owners to ensure their animals are neutered and alert vets to any strays breeding in the area.

The Trust is appealing for help finding the other two kittens, which may still be in the Goodmayes area.

One is a tabby with white markings and the other has dark fur.

Anyone with information or can volunteer or offer a home to a cat should call Barbara on 020 8478 5394.

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