Job-hunters pack out Redbridge employment fair

THEY flocked in their hundreds clutching pens and CVs, nervous interview smiles attached.

THEY flocked in their hundreds clutching pens and CVs, nervous interview smiles attached.

“You never know!” they muttered to each other as they joined the back of a four-deep throng signing up for an employment agency. “They might offer us a job here and now!”

The event was Redbridge Jobs fair and the mutters were those of eager job seekers, jostling for space among the many stalls on offer.

Around 40 business, advice agencies and information services were on display at Thursday’s fair.

Organisations such as Barnabas Workshops were offering CV and where to look for work advice and there were interview technique sessions, as well as chances to sign up for Redbridge College, the fire service and army.

The fair came as many in the borough are still trying to get back to work following the recession.

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For 22-year-old Abraham Khan, the fair was a chance to find his feet in the world of job hunting after around seven months unemployment.

He said: “I just want to get off Job Seeker’s Allowance. I’m looking for a job in retail and found the fair quite useful.

“I’ve given in some CVs and signed up for some stuff so I’m feeling pretty positive about it.”

But for Aludivia Garcia, 57, the hunt continues.

She moved to Ilford 20 years ago from Columbia but as soon as she was granted permission to work the jobs dried up.

She said: “I used to be a teacher and have been looking to become a nursery assistant or something in child care but all they offered me here was a cleaning job.

“It’s all stuff for young people, its not aimed towards older people like me.”

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