‘It looks like a giant fly swatter’ – residents have their say on Gants Hill artwork

The artwork designed by Wolfgang Buttress will be installed on Gants Hill roundabout

The artwork designed by Wolfgang Buttress will be installed on Gants Hill roundabout - Credit: Archant

“A giant fly swatter” and a “waste of money” are just some of the comments greeting a controversial piece of artwork about to be installed on Gants Hill roundabout.

As we reported earlier this week, the 16m tall artwork, described as an “abstracted egg”, will be installed in a matter of weeks – three years after being first unveiled.

The £80,000 being spent on it was set aside specifically for public art by developers responsible for a series of housing builds in Gants Hill.

We asked for your opinion on the artwork, designed by artist Wolfgang Buttress, and whether it is money well spent. And you responded in high numbers on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are just some of your comments:

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A complete waste of money! The flowers at Gants Hill didn’t last long&have been replaced with ugly concrete benches as well.


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When were the residents of Redbridge consulted about that? Looks like a “new age” pylon.


That’s not art, that’s a waste of money, looks like a giant fly swatter? Money should be spent on road safety me thinks!


£80,000? They could of spent that fixing the pot holes in Ilford.


With good lighting it will look good & be a focal point... too easy to be negative!


Why not spend that 80,000 on the roads and pot holes!!! Waste of money.

Mic Birdi

All the years I’ve lived here I’ve often thought: what we really need is a giant abstract egg!

Miriam Fox

Spend it on a youth centre for children. The artist who designed/made this must be laughing!

Charles Peter Darlington

An application has been submitted by Redbridge Council for the lighting of the base, as well as the installation of the steel and bronze wire structure.

The 16m column will be topped by an “irregular shaped feature 9m long by 4m wide”.

Cllr Ruth Clark, who has long championed the regeneration of the area, said: “It will put Gants Hill on the map – it will be a landmark.”

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