Islamic scholar visits Goodmayes study group to give insights into the Quran

A famous Pakistani Islamic scholar visited a Quran study group to give additional insights into the holy book.

Mawlana Fidaur Rahman Darkhawasti gave his presentation in Urdu which was then translated by study group leader Hafiz Abdullah Mohammed.

Mr Darkhawasti, 73, gave the presentation to the group which meets at the Eman Foundation, Ashgrove Road, Goodmayes.

Mr Mohammed said: “He was very approachable and broadminded. To have someone like him who’s a grand authority giving us his blessing and approval gives us a good footing.”

Mr Darkhawasti’s father was considered one of the most knowledgeable scholars on the Quran in the Indian subcontinent.

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The students held a dinner in celebration of the scholar’s visit.

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