Opinion: We can use this time to change

Rev Kate Lovesey wants positive changes to come out of the Covid crisis.

Rev Kate Lovesey wants positive changes to come out of the Covid crisis. - Credit: Archant

What are you like at waiting?

In airport queues, on buses, parents waiting – for apologies, for kids to come home... Waiting can be endless.

There is lots of waiting in Jesus’ story.

Right now we have Ascension Day, which opens a period of waiting for the Holy Spirit to come so that the Disciples can go out into the world to follow Jesus call, to tell the world about him We are also in a period of waiting and we are living in a society that is not used to waiting.

We can get what we want at the click of a button.

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We can watch what we want and speak to who we want. Order anything online that we want and the next day someone brings it. The Disciples spent the time praying and worshiping. A positive use of time.

What can we do?

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Perhaps now is a time to consider those around us and actually start making our privileged society into that fair society.

We can’t look at even the stats of this Covid disease and see fairness.

Our BAME brothers and sisters are at greater risk than our white ones. Which I find utterly shocking.

There are all sorts of reasons, but the fact that one of them is that they are doing the low paid and most risky and unappreciated jobs is one that needs changing.

Right now who do we appreciate more – the dustmen, postmen, shop workers, cleaners, carers, drivers and nurses?

Let’s spend a little time looking around and asking: what do we need to change? And whatever it is, start with me.

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