Ilford Tory MP Lee Scott in hot water over tuition fees vote

ILFORD Conservative MP Lee Scott says he has no regrets over his decision to abstain from voting for a rise in student tuition fees, despite it causing a storm today among party chiefs.

Mr Scott says he is standing by his pre-election promise not to vote for the hike in student fees – but revealed to the Recorder that he had been summoned to the chief whips’ office.

“I don’t regret it,” he told the Recorder. “But I am not enjoying it. All we are saying is our position hasn’t changed.”

The Ilford North MP added: “Remember, this is not the final bill, the thing is changing every day. I don’t know what will be in the actual bill next year.”

As previously reported in the Recorder, Mr Scott has proposed an alternative method of funding university education which included businesses sponsoring students.

He said: “It’s ongoing and I will be working on it in the New Year. There has to be a legal framework in place and it’s being worked out by civil servants at the moment.”

The Conservative-lIberal Democrat coalition has faced mass protests over its plan to nearly double fees to �6,000 and allow charges of up to �9,000 for some courses. The Lib Dems are split over the plans and a number have indicated they will vote against them at the Commons on Thursday,