Ilford torture claim brothers helping others in fear of persecution

A “tortured” Iranian is spending what could be his last months in the UK protesting for the rights of others in fear of persecution.

Mehran Meyari, who is waiting to find out if he will be forced back to his homeland to face “jail or death”, is giving his time to fighting for people from countries �including Syria and Libya who fear persecution at the hands of their governments if they go back home.

He and his brother Mahyar spoke to the Recorder yesterday, hours before going into central London to �protest against the deportation of a gay Tanzanian youngster who fears he will be killed because of his sexuality if he returns to his homeland.

Mehran and Mahyar, of Canterbury Avenue, Ilford, fear for their lives if they are forced to return to Iran, where they claim they were imprisoned and tortured �after protesting against the government.

As we reported earlier this month, 18-year-old Mahyar and his brother, 20, spent 37 days on hunger strike as they battled for asylum.

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They ended it two weeks ago, during which time they were camped outside the UK Border Agency’s headquarters in Croydon.

After four days in hospital, they are now back home and facing what they say could be a wait of up to six months �before learning their fate.

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Speaking of his commitment to helping others seeking asylum, Mehran said: “We are all humans and this is a democracy, this is not Iran. This is the most pure form of democracy.

“I’ve never felt like this �before. In Iran for many years my voice and my writing was stopped. They �filtered my blog.

“Now I feel democracy. I’m happy because the Iranian government can’t stop me.”

The brothers have had �support from many human rights groups.

Mehran said: “We’re very grateful to the people who have helped us.”

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