Ilford teenager takes domestic abuse campaign to deputy prime minister Nick Clegg

An Ilford teenager met deputy prime minister Nick Clegg on Wednesday as part of a domestic abuse campaign.

Alejandra Garcia, 19, of Wanstead Park Road, had campaigned with the NSPCC to make the government officially recognise young adults aged 16 and over as domestic abuse victims.

She joined 14 other campaigners to discuss the government’s changes to the definition of domestic abuse, which will include different forms of non-violent behaviour, with Nick Clegg in Westminster.

The changes, which will come into effect in March, follow calls from councils, police and voluntary organisations.

Alejandra said Mr Clegg spent more time than she expected with the group.

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She added: “I spoke to him about the need to educate children early on, through schools and places children and young people go on the issue of what kind of behaviour is acceptable and what’s not.

“I feel really passionate about the issue of peer abuse. It happens and people need to understand its not ok.”

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Mr Clegg said: “It was a pleasure to meet and talk with the NSPCC campaigners including Alejandra Garcia.

“I was really impressed by the openness and sensitivity with which all the campaigners talked about such a difficult subject.”

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