Ilford South MP speaks out against Syria peace talks

MP Mike Gapes

MP Mike Gapes

The conflict in Syria is now considerably worse because of a lack of international intervention, the MP for Ilford South has told parliament on Wednesday.

Mike Gapes, a Labour and Co-Operative MP for Ilford South, made a speech about human rights issues, in which described the ongoing war as “appalling”.

In his speech, he said: “So far in Syria, 125,000 people have died.

“Millions are internally displaced, and millions more are refugees. We know what the situation is and we all bear responsibility.

“The international community has failed the democratic, peaceful activists, women and men, who were calling for change just three years ago. We have failed them.”

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On Friday, the UN met members of Syria’s government and the opposition in Geneva to mediate between the two to try and end the three-year conflict.

But Mr Gapes dismissed the talks because crucial factions will not be present.

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He added: “Most of the people doing the fighting are not actually at the talks.

“The Iranians are not at the discussions and the [anti-government] opposition have split and some of them have refused to go. The talks are going to fail.”

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