Ilford residents demand something be done about flytipping

Residents will “disappear under a pile of mattresses unless something is done” about flytipping, a councillor has warned.

Cllr Kay Flint voiced concerns about flytipping at the area committee sixmeeting last night at Ilford Central Library, Clements Road.

Residents requested CCTV to help crack down on the issue, but Sargeant Douglas Fyfe, said the cameras would not prove a quick fix.

“Every camera would need to be taken down, reviewed, which would take hours.

“What we find more useful is officers going through the flytipped material, which in most cases proves more successful in tracking down the culprit than putting up cameras,” he added.

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Residents read out a list of roads which had been used to dump items, including Ellesmere Gardens and Hobbs Mews.

Resident Anne Hoad spoke of her fears the problem could worsen with new strict ID rules being introduced at the dump.

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“People have to bring a driving licence and another form of ID to the dump, or face a �10 charge, so this is going to be just the start of the issue as far as I can see.”

Another resident said: “Just last week someone told me they had a mattress thrown onto their conservatory roof.”

But Cllr Filly Maravala concluded the discussion, saying: “We need to wait for a report from Alun Sinclair to find out how much clearing of flytipping with cost us,”

“Even if we had �1 million to spend on things like flytipping, we would clear the problem and the next day there would be a fridge freezer dumped somewhere,” he said.

The report will be prepared for the next committee meeting on July 20

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